Event Correlation & Analysis

In the increasingly complex enterprise environment, IT managers are being flooded with events and alarms that are time sensitive and require immediate action to prevent service disruptions. The challenge is removing latency and enabling quicker response time to expedite troubleshooting for time-sensitive events such as security intrusions, network bandwidth saturation, and business application performance bottlenecks.
Most solutions in the market only perform event analysis using a single method with a database, NeuralStar however, provides two methods to meet customers needs. NeuralStar processes events using a database for deep analysis, but also delivers much quicker analysis by processing events in a streaming fashion.
NeuralStar delivers industry leading real-time intelligence that enables IT managers to perform near instantaneous analysis by processing streaming events of large data volumes, in memory seeking out meaningful patterns to proactively identify and prevent issues before they impact users.
NeuralStar helps IT managers:
  • create powerful rules for monitoring availability and performance of applications, servers, the network and security in globally distributed environments using a simple wizard driven interface
  • correlate and aggregate events to help determine which events require immediate attention to ensure seamless operations
  • increase network performance and reliability with deep data gathering, automated root cause analytics, and intelligent and proactive response
  • perform real-time event analysis in memory for time sensitive issues and forensic event analysis for deeper intelligence using the database
  • accelerate root-cause and impact analysis, dramatically lowering the Mean-Time-To-Resolution (MTTR)


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