Device Management & Control

Comprehensive monitor and control capabilities for networks.

* Complete monitor and control visibility
* Assured service management
* Remote site monitoring
* Real-time intelligence and automation


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  • Complete Monitor and Control VisibilityComplete Monitor and Control Visibility
  • Assured Service ManagementAssured Service Management
  • Remote Site ManagementRemote Site Management
  • Deep Device Profile ManagementDeep Device Profile Management
  • Real-Time Intelligence and AutomationReal-Time Intelligence and Automation
  • Extensive SNMP ManagementExtensive SNMP Management
  • Integrated SNMP Communication and ReportingIntegrated SNMP Communication and Reporting
  • Assured Satellite TransmissionsAssured Satellite Transmissions
  • End-to-End Performance Monitoring and ReportingEnd-to-End Performance Monitoring and Reporting
  • Extensive Communications Device DriversExtensive Communications Device Drivers
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COMPASS™ is a proven and industry leading device management and control solution for mission critical networks.  Broadcasters, satellite operators, telecommunications providers, the military and a range of other industries use COMPASS to ensure the health and uptime of equipment. With over 3,000 installations, COMPASS is deployed across the United States and around the globe as a mission-critical management solution. COMPASS also seamlessly integrates with the industry leading carrier management solution, Monics and enterprise management solution, NeuralStar to deliver End-to-End (E2E) Management.

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China’s Largest Satellite Operator Monitors and Controls Equipment for Fleet of Satellites

As part of its signal monitoring and interference detection system upgrade, CHINA SATCOM deployed COMPASS to manage satellite ground equipment for two new antennas being installed at its earth station. These new antennas are integrated into an existing COMPASS system already managing other equipment at the earth station. COMPASS provides China SATCOM operators with the ability to quickly identify and resolve ground equipment failures that could prevent the carrier monitoring system, Monics from properly monitoring carriers that may affect the services carried at the facility.